F2 MONZA - 2022

F2 MONZA – 2022

There was drama and heartbreak at the penultimate round of the season when a missed opportunity saw Liam relinquish the Feature race lead under Safety Car and eventually struggle home in 13th place after being pushed off the circuit.

The weekend started with great promise after Liam qualified in 2nd place. 0.126s off the pole time.

Liam turned a P9 start in the Sprint race into 6th but gained another spot following a post-race penalty for a driver who finished in front of him.

By the first chicane of the Feature race Liam was in the race lead and remained there after a Safety car restart on Lap 6. By Lap 8 the Safety car was out again after a car hit the wall and created the seventh retirement. Liam was stranded on the track just past the pit entry when others dived into the pits for the compulsory tyre change. By the time he’d circulated for another lap and rejoined from his pit stop he was down in seventh place.

Soon after the restart Liam was hit from behind, pushed off the track and rejoined in last place. That required another pit stop for a new nose cone and from there there was no chance of finishing higher than last place. He tumbled down to seventh in the championship standings, but was only 13 points adrift of third place.